Home Of The Brave Lyrics by Toto

Home Of The Brave Lyrics

    Everything's gonna be alright boys, help is on the way
    Hold your head up high now, there's no need to cry now
    We're not running anymore

    Leave the politics behind boys, they're not working anymore
    There's so much more at stake here, it's make or break here
    Haven't we been here before - tell me what we're waiting for

    You gotta remember, you don't have to be afraid
    You still have the freedom to learn, and say what you wanna say
    You gotta remember, don't let 'em take away
    The land we call the home of the brave

    Who sings the song of the people, you don't hear it anymore
    I heard it late last summer, to the beat of a different drummer
    It never sounded quite like that before

    So you're trying to shake this feeling, that trouble's right outside the door
    You lie awake each dark night, like a time bomb wound up too tight
    A storm in waiting, just offshore - tell me what we're waiting for


    (instrumental break)

    Chorus repeats 2x