Hold Me Down Lyrics by Next

Hold Me Down Lyrics

    Hold me down...
    Next, yeah

    All I ever need is my wifey
    And some real niggas behind me
    A lady to hold me down
    My niggas will hold me down
    Someone that can ride in the passenger side
    Ride or die
    Cop the cake
    Then we define
    Can't nothin hold me down...
    Can't nothin hold me down...

    The sun don't shine, sun don't shine
    If I, can't wake up next to mine
    Wake her ass up, tap her one more time
    No more baby sleepin, but she don't mind
    She's ghetto
    But she keeps a nigga level
    Even when I'm short on change
    She won't complain
    Even got an extra job to maintain


    I use to be real friendly with everybody
    Til somebody tried to take my baby
    Now the only niggas that hang with me
    (Are)A chosen few (My) chosen crew (Cause)
    Some niggas are slimy dude (But)
    You know who I'm talkin to you (Trust)
    Real recognize, real for real, this is Robert, we fell, way before the deal

    [(chorus) Repeat 2x]

    No matter how hard it is
    Or how bad the storm gets
    I promise this...
    That I will always be right here...
    If it's a dollar it's fifty cent apiece
    If it's a million you get five hundred g's
    Cause we are family...
    I'll ride for you, if you'll ride for me...

    [(chorus) Repeat 2x]