Hip-Hops Fallen Lyrics by L.G. Wise

Hip-Hops Fallen Lyrics

    Have I told you lately that I love you

    Well if I didn't darlin' I'm sorry
    Did I reach out and hold you in my loving arms, when you needed me
    Now I realize that you need love, too, and I'll spend my life makin' up to you
    Oh, I forgot to be your lover, and I'm sorry, I'm so sorry

    First it was Pac and then Big, I know you feelin' me kid
    It had me trippin' and I'm thinkin' what kind of joke that it is
    And then when Pun died it made me think of his kids
    And it bring the tears to my eyes when I see these babies cry
    And can't forget the Eazy, and you then know that it's fo-sheezy
    Got no time for flossin' when these soldiers out here need me
    And them Gravediggas, and while chasin' major figures
    But the things we say are seeds that we planted, they gettin' with us

    Now I realize that you need love to
    And I'll spend my life makin' up tp you

    Consumed by the things of this world
    And never respectin' our girls
    We callin' them hos when they diamonds and pearls
    And then they miss Aaliyah, so many out here wanna be her
    Don't even know when the next time and when they really gonna see her
    And we forgot about Him, unless we use Him in vain
    And all these evil speekin' lyrics disrespectin' His name
    These rappers sayin' nothin', that's why he tryin' to tell us something
    While we kickin' rhymes, I see Him steady showin' signs
    No more popin' pills, watchin' these young ones livin' ill
    You glamorize the wicked, that's the kind of stupid that's gettin' us killed


    They drivin' Escalades, and Benz' and Lexus' and Jaguars
    They rollin' on 22's with DVDs in they cars
    Everyday on MTV and so they know who you are
    Plus the way you live your life is like a movie star
    They popin' Xs in the Lexus' Fine firls with diamond neckless'
    Talkin' about how good the sexs is
    And Pops gotta cry 'cuz we lost our Left-Eye
    But behind the tragedy there's a reason why