Hey Young World Lyrics by L.G. Wise

Hey Young World Lyrics


    (LG) Edi Outlaw, what's up dude
    (EDI) Not much dog, what's up Wise
    (LG) Yo I'm chillin--Yo, I'm glad you could make it on this one
    (EDI) No doubt I'll come for the truth, dog
    (LG) Word, it's time for a change
    (EDI) So lets give it to 'em man

    VERSE 1 (LG Wise)
    Generation in a curse
    And they feelin' sad
    Too many shorties are in da hearse
    Before they knowin they dad
    How many sons will never know they daddys
    So young and confused
    So its the streets where they learn to live
    So when they choose then they lose

    Its like the day that Pac died
    A place in your heart you gonna cry
    I cant lie
    The Lord will come and wipe da tears from yo eyes
    But Jesus shed his blood to save a thug
    Then they got us bustin slugs
    Them haters bust his head
    But he still showed em love

    Its the thugs that need yo love
    Its the thugs that need yo hug
    Lord we need you on des streets
    Thats why we dying from des slugs
    So me and da Outlawz
    We come father asking you for forgiveness
    So you can come into our heart
    And help us savin our children

    Now hey young world
    from Lauderdale to da Bay
    Now hey young world
    from MIA to L.A.
    Now hey young world
    from Carolina to VA
    Lord hear these thugs crying and come and save us today

    To all my shorties on da blocks (hey young world)
    To all the thugs slangin rocks (hey young world)
    Even if you on lock down
    All my ladies the world is yours

    VERSE 2 (EDI)
    These days it don't pay to play
    You better make your way
    Cause life ain't guaranteed to you young dudes
    In the wildlife
    Still livin childlike
    Criminal minds of the juvenilles up lovin to wild out
    Born with an anger from where
    He don't even know
    400 hundred years of oppression
    And it's bound to show
    They said he murdered his teacher on the last day of school
    One shot from a 22
    Left them blue
    What to do

    Hey young world don't believe what they tellin you
    you can prevail livin in hell
    you ain't a failure

    Hey young world I know the times is hard
    But beleive in the Light it'll get you out of the dark

    Have hustle have smarts
    Must of all have heart
    Never let em see you shed a tear
    My God

    Have hustle have smarts
    Must of all have heart
    And never let em see you shed a tear
    Yeah, Yeah


    VERSE 3 (DCP)