Hell is Home Lyrics by Judas Priest

Hell is Home Lyrics

    You're looking at me why
    Sort of like a leper vibe
    Okay for your kind
    But it's too good for me

    And a hey I know I'm
    Never gonna qualify
    For all the bullshit
    Of your social degrees

    Oh look down your noses at me
    Hating my identity
    Oh but that don't mean a damn thing you see
    'Cause down here in hell everybody loves me

    Hey I know I'm anti-social
    'Cause you act like I'm infected
    With some atrocity

    And though I know I'm
    Every bit the same inside
    My face don't fit
    It's like I've got some disease

    Oh you keep your face turned away
    To strip me of identity
    Oh still got my fortune and fame
    'Cause down here in Hell everyone knows my name


    Hell is home to me
    Might as well be
    I like it here and no-one else invited me
    Hell is home to me
    It has to be ('cause Jesus Christ)
    Nobody else invited me

    Now I belong
    I found my home
    'Cause even though I know things won't
    Get any better, they can certainly never get much worse


    Say my whole life I've always been disliked
    Ignored unless you're spitting insults at me
    And I don't know why you felt so justified
    In all the degradation that you dished on me

    Oh! Now my status has changed
    And you've got yourself to blame
    Oh! I'll grab all the attention I crave
    Now I'm running Hell and Heaven won't be the same