Hell Yeah Lyrics by L.G. Wise

Hell Yeah Lyrics

    Sexy chica that'll pop the cris

    while they watchin' you lick your lips
    And you can puff the lye and you can pimp and ride
    and you can thug until the day you die
    Now you can smoke the blunts, tote the gats
    And be the phatest one with the Lex
    Homeboy you can pop the X, you can try sex
    With the set tatted on your neck
    You can be the H to the Izzo, V to the Izza
    Really don't matter what y'all jiggas sizzay
    You can live it up but you still gonna pizzay
    Where you gonna run on Judgment dizay

    Hell yeah
    You can go to Hell yeah
    If you don't change, change, change, change, change
    uh hua, chang, change, change, change, change

    You can be like Pastor Troy and them New Orleans boys
    Everyone flossin' up in the toys
    Candy coated chevy comin with the noise
    Everybody grinnin 'cuz its shiney boys
    Everytime I turn around I see a jitter bug
    Now the jitter bug wanna be a thug
    Momma and Daddy and them ain't show no love
    If you don't switch it up I'm gonna tell you what
    50 years old still up in the club
    Pay to see the young girls shake their butt
    Don't need another drink, look at your gut
    Need to go home, old nasty butt
    I'm gonna tell you what, switch it up


    I represent Carolina and the M-I-A
    Ft. Lauderdale and by the way, all my homies that's in the Bay
    5-0-3 what can you say
    Atlanta, GA, can't forget VA, NYC and the USA, USA, USA
    Everybody in the USA