Got It Made Lyrics by Gonzoe

Got It Made Lyrics

    [gonzoe] (talking)
    Uh-oh, (uh-oh) here it go again (here it go)
    Oh fuck! (oh shit) shit, shake that shit bitch
    Huh, (yeah) yeah, it's me, gonzoe
    Came to rock you mother fuckers right quick
    You know what i'm sayin? kick that thesoline
    Know what i'm sayin

    [verse 1 - gonzoe]
    Nigga, i'm tryin to have it made
    Fuckin with mink and suede
    Hoppin out of jags on niggaz
    When me shit parfait
    Like livarache
    Hoe, smell the heats of meakee
    I'm too cocky
    My life's too rocky
    So fuck y'all
    Nigga pissy off with me
    You separate all
    It means nothin
    I talk your bitch out the drawls
    For the fuck of it
    And turp off bumpin
    It's in the shed
    Bounce to this
    Cause you feelin it
    Respect me killin it nigga
    I'mma be that rich cat
    Tell them niggaz where i hold my chips and whips at
    I'm a young nigga never found guilty
    Clean as fuck but still filthy
    Workers on the corners tryin to milk me
    For knowledge
    Like 'damn! you smashin in college?'
    Big ass glots and keepin dollars
    Don't bother choppin work no more
    I hit the liquor store
    Relax with a glass of conyac and smoke

    [chorus - gonzoe]
    I got it made! (got it made)
    Fuckin with mink and suede (mink and suede)
    All my pieces par made
    Bitch, i'm doin this shit my way (my way)
    Bitch, all us niggaz we got it made
    I'm paid, fuckin with mink and suede
    Hoppin out of jags on niggaz (us)
    When me shit bumpay
    Like liverache
    Hoe, smell the heats of meakee (hoe)
    I'm too cocky
    My ice too rocky
    So fuck y'all

    [verse 2 - gonzoe]
    Uh, it's too much money to me
    Y'all niggaz is actin fake
    Playa-hatin, talkin up on my shit like ricki lake
    Comin chili's for hoes
    Why you lyin bout who you know?
    Stay broke, never got no ervails on the smoke, lock the timmy
    Foo, you killin me, actin phony
    Sittin on your cake with a round of homies, you're pretty tony
    Gettin worked, cochberts, versace, domeinberg
    What you bought is what she wear when she go do dirt
    The truth hurt
    All the same
    With no backs to claim
    But you slept because it was all part of the game


    [verse 3 - gonzoe]
    Yeah, y'all niggaz can't touch me
    I'm spotless, you dusty
    My pistol crusty
    All the niggaz i wet
    They all trust me
    Till the federals bust me
    Out for the dusty
    Gangsta like bugsy
    Livin lavish up in luxury
    The bombay, mr.icicle
    Come swallow the pickle
    Us dons all stressed and rippled
    It ain't a thing
    Tryin to find this game man
    Stack up for the drought
    Cause one day it's gonna rain
    In big drops
    Cop, blind side of my cyclops
    As it bubble, i watch the pattern transform
    To rocks nigga, going to glocks, money in stacks
    Cause he got this, and i got that (what)