Girlz Ninety Now Lyrics by Originoo Gunn Clapazz

Girlz Ninety Now Lyrics

    [intro: ruck]
    Yo what up man?
    What's the deal starang wondah?
    Ay, what up louieville, what up d.o.g.
    Yeah man i just ran to tek-n-steele
    Let's talk about these ninety now girls
    Man there's a whole lotta stuff goin now
    Aiyo girl i can't wait, come over here girl

    [lord digga]
    I knew this girl named ta, she lived in her garage
    Had a few friends, so she played a lotta cards
    If it wasn't for the money, it wasn't no game
    If the same people came, then the game would stay the same
    I know this girl named shelly, met her at the telly
    Took to the diner, so she can fill her belly
    Slip my hands down her pants, but the shit was kinda smelly
    Made a hard dick limp til the shit feel like jelly

    [top dog big kahuna]
    I know a girl named stacy, drove a nigga crazy
    Went back to her crib, cuz i thought that she would lace me
    Had her mother face me, daddy tried to mace me
    Runnin thru the projects, niggas try to chase me
    Then came keema, bagged her in the beemer
    At the video shoot, sippin on zima
    Damn you shoulda seen her, i mean you shoulda seen her
    Attractin niggas like coke thru the femur

    [starang wondah]
    Yo i met a chick named millie, i met her uptilly
    Know i smoke leaf, but she prefer to smoke phillies
    Started gettin high, touchin, actin silly
    Had to tell her call me will, i hate it when you call me willie

    [louieville sluggah]
    Now millie had a cousin, who name was susan
    Talkin too much, i had to tell her "keep it movin"
    Susan was sign, but ville was glad
    Because a nigga walked off wit her best friend pam

    [starang wondah]
    Aiyo pam was all right, but i liked her cousin tammy
    Met at her at how can i be down in miami?
    Then tammy came over wit her best friend penny
    Had to introduce the bitch to my nigga named henny

    [louieville sluggah]
    Now me and penny girl, met before
    Buyin condoms outta the candy store
    Need i say more? bed was a hundred record
    Kept bangin this chick til she screamed "my lord"

    I know a c.o. named nikki, she gave me a hickey
    In the other room was her man pretty ricky
    He's in a black bentley, wit tints on twenties
    Nikki was his favorite, but he had many honies

    He had this one rhoda, she lived in corona
    Met her at the coliseum, wit her best friend sonia
    She had a fat ass but her breath had aroma
    So instead i called sonia, cuz she wanted me to bone her

    I know hold weight bitches, no fake bitches
    You better have a check on the first day bitches
    That take it up the anal, swallow like draino
    Try anything once, never heard her say no

    Like that red bone star, had a cousin named shamar
    Both freaks wanna s.t. for a managetua
    See me in my car with buck, tek and dog
    Took her to the hotel, and sexed us all

    [chorus: tek]
    Ain't gotta spit no game, she know we do our thing
    See at me club and my nigga digga reign
    She don't like guns, but she lust one
    Half of her income, furnished by swiss funds
    Do be looked tight, body be lookin right
    Your friends can meet my friends, let's get it on tonight
    Always gotta plan, know how to make a grand
    She on her own paper chase, she don't need a man

    I know a girl named wonda, smoked marijuana
    Call her snake-eater, cuz she ate my anaconda
    Caught mad drama wit wonda, wit smokin zhama
    In the back of a honda, wit this chick named tiwana
    This bitch named sue, she hang out wit a crew
    How bad was them bitches rockin shit brand new
    I was gassed for the ass and i'm ready to screw
    All she did was rub my crotch, till my balls turn blue

    [chorus 2x]