Girlfriend Lyrics by Daniel Bedingfield

Girlfriend Lyrics

    You make my head start spinning around
    And all I can ever hear is the sound
    Of your heart beating in my ears
    This boy has found another reason to sing
    You're reminding me of everything
    That I hold dear in my heart

    And I'm feeling elevated
    Lifted to my highest dream
    My whole world's revolving in circles round your heart
    You gotta be the one for me or else life makes no sense
    So wrap your arms around me
    Kiss me till I'm dead

    A girl like you would take an army to find
    I glad I am that you said you would be mine
    standing there in the cold, dark night
    Let me take you to the fields of the sun
    How much it means to me that you are the one
    That I hold here in my arms