Freeman Lyrics by Conells, The

Freeman Lyrics

    I'm a free man in the morning i'm gonna go home
    Been serving for years, never too near, always too far
    There was a young girl in the county who had an eye for me
    We kissed for a while, that made her smile

    Then it came down on me to fake it
    I should have found a way to escape it
    I was so wrong to say i'd see her one more time

    I'm a young man like a preacher, no souls to mend
    I've traveled too much to be known as just a traveling man
    So they judged me for a crime i could never have done
    They said i was one who carried a gun

    In the cold light of the morning
    I'm gonna go home,
    It's never too near, it's always too far
    I will have found a way to break it
    And when i go home again i'll see her one more time