Fever Lyrics by Judas Priest

Fever Lyrics

    I'd spend my days alone
    I used to stay at home
    Lost in seclusion there.
    Like I was in a cell
    A captured heart as well
    Surrounded by despair.
    Darkness filled my soul
    Losing all control.

    Down on the streets below
    Bright city lights would glow.
    The energy would rise
    And through the heat I'd gaze
    Still counting empty days.
    With fire in my eyes
    Living through this hell
    Can I break this spell.

    Fever. You set my soul on fire.
    Fever. You fill me with desire.
    Fever. You always get it right.
    Fever. All day and all night.

    Then one night as I walked
    I heard your body talk
    I saw a shooting star.
    In some magnetic trance
    Our beating hearts would dance
    And crash down from afar.
    Oh how strange fate is
    Never dreamed of this.

    So destiny has brought us
    Oh so close together
    We were like angels in the night
    Living the dream
    At last I'll be with you forever.
    And all at once it feels so right.