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Feels Good Lyrics

    Feels good...(Oooh)
    Oh so good...(Oooh)

    I'm in the E five-O-O
    Goin out
    One-0-0 listenin to the radio
    Turnin up my stereo
    Bobbin to the beats
    Headed to the beach
    I'll be there soon with all my friends
    Barbeque with Heinekens
    Don't it feel good...

    Feels Good...
    To feel the sunshine
    Being with loved ones
    Havin a good time
    Feels Good...
    To be in love
    Havin someone that you can trust
    Feels So good...
    Spendin time wit yo kids
    Showin em what feelin good is
    And it feels good...
    Just livin your life
    Knowin everything is gonna be alright

    Rollin, Jordan's
    Them Twenty-three's
    Top down, Hangin out
    Gotta feel the breeze
    Leanin back in my fresh throwback
    Air Force Ones, don't you know that
    Just, shine on, that tape put in
    Lookin for an ATM, cause my papers thin
    At the bank for my peoples
    Cause I'm meetin them
    And it feels good...


    Call all the ladies, I call my guys
    We can meet up and have a good time
    Break out the new kicks, shine the ride
    Cause we gonna roll tonight
    We got grapefruits, cooked food, liquor in the cooly,
    Dominos fool, no dice and spades
    C'mon ya'll, it's okay
    Don't it feel good...

    [(chorus) Repeat 2x]

    Feels good...
    to roll the ride
    top down with a dime in the passenger side
    Feels Good...
    To see haters eyes grillin me
    Mad cause I'm wit you, damn why you killin me
    Feels Good...
    To turn my stereo up
    With the beat bump bump
    We just lay in the cut
    And it feels good...
    To know my family's okay
    So tomorrow I can say...


    Don't you feel good...