Everytime That It Rains Lyrics by Garth Brooks

Everytime That It Rains Lyrics

    Stuck in an airport in austin, all of the flights are delayed
    And as the rain keeps fallin' the mem'ries keep callin' me back
    To another time and place
    Back to a rainy dy in oklahoma, she was workin' at this roadside cafe
    And it was just her and me and looked like it would be
    At least 'till the storm rolled away
    I played "please come to boston" on the jukebox
    She said hey that's my favorite song
    The next thing i knew the song was through
    And we were still dancin' along
    And with that look in her eyes she pulled from me
    Then she pulled off that apron she wore
    And with her hand in mine we turned off the sign
    And locked the rain outside the door

    Every time that it rains i can hear her heart callin'
    It rains, i can see that dress fallin'
    The storm clouds roll on, still the memory remains
    Every time that it rains
    One late rainy night i got a phone call
    So i went back to see her again
    And through the dnce we both stumbled and with the buttons we fumbled
    So we decided just to call it at friends
    If we ever had a thing now it's over and only the memory remains
    Of a roadside cafe on a september day
    I relive every time that it rains