End Of The Line Lyrics by Stan Ridgway

End Of The Line Lyrics

    Commissioned for the french film terminus.

    You are my only confidant
    And my only friend
    Together we will share everything
    Until the very end

    There's no one here who shares my views
    Or sees the way i can see
    But there's just one thing that you'll understand
    You'll have to even up with me
    At the end of the line (x2)

    I've bet it all before
    But not everything i own
    There are some things that you can't buy or steal
    Or learn to leave alone

    Chorus repeat last line x4

    I toss the dice and skin the cat
    And i always pay the fine
    So we'll settle up even-steven
    When we reach the end of the line

    Hey, i hear you calling me back home
    To fly or fall to the news of it all
    There's no dark destiny
    Fate will receive what our love will believe
    'til we reach the end of the line

    Chorus repeat last line x10