E Dagger Lyrics by Lagwagon

E Dagger Lyrics

    Come on E; try to go easy We can do anything [repeat] Come on E; we got it covered We can stop anytime [repeat] Come on E; it's just a party Let's go to party town Then we can party down Come on E; Check out my funny hat My name is Randal I wrote you this song Can't you see that all we need is one night to release? It's bound to be the last in all of its glory Come on E; raise your glass to the sky Drink to the song that plays, Olden days, whatever I just want to get Randical Don't be a bummer Look at this summer day. The sun is rising once again. Yeah! Can't we have just one night without all this self-destruction? I just love my husband. I can't live without him Come on E; we're goin easy It 's just a party Time to get gnarly Come on E; try to go easy My name is Randal It's nice to meet you We are always here to make you laugh