Double Time Lyrics by Xzibit

Double Time Lyrics

    Watch me watch me, bonafide hard copy
    Hip-hop nazi dispose of the Liberace's
    Extra extra, enjoy the lecture
    from Hannibal Lector, now rewind selector
    Bounce it bounce it, smoke by the ounces
    Tan leather couches, niggaz that own houses (yeah)
    Testing testing, treat you like a nigga
    locked down for child molesting, I'll fuck you up punk (yeah)
    Listen listen, never ass-kissin
    Too much ambition, I'm hotter than Hell's kitchen (sssss)
    Enter enter, the rhyme inventor
    Front and center, bypass that ass like a sprinter
    Get it get it, custom fitted
    Dedicated to (?) one of the best that did it, huh
    Terror terror, trial and error
    Makin my name reign supreme and live forever

    Keep it movin movin, keep it goin goin
    Keep it movin movin, keep it goin goin
    Keep it movin movin, keep it goin goin
    Keep it movin movin, keep it goin goin
    {*repeat Chorus again while Xzibit raps*}
    If y'all ain't givin a fuck
    like Xzibit ain't givin a fuck then just throw your hands up
    Double time, two times for me
    Bring it live from the L.A.C., Mr. X to the Z

    Liar liar, pants on fire
    I won't stop rockin 'til I retire
    Golden golden, State dominate this
    Destroy the Matrix, that forever in the crate shit
    Light it light it, please don't fight it
    You're all invited, when we kick off the next riot (Welcome!)
    Bust it bust it, get your crops dusted
    Everybody off of the bus that ain't fuckin - NOW!
    Spin it spin it, all up in it
    For sale, one female, slightly dented (ha hah!)
    Niggaz niggaz, political figures
    Problem givers, fuck all those that ain't wit us (heh)
    Rebel rebel, shoutin at the devil
    Me and you faggot got some shit to settle, then
    Kill 'em kill 'em, let slugs fill 'em
    Smash through the club in Meoshe denim, yeah!


    Deadly deadly, bump this deadly medley
    in whatever you rollin, even if it's stolen
    Takin takin, your spot is the X man (YEAH!)
    The heavy hand give a fuck about the next man
    Digital digital, high tech respect
    while the rest regress, burn out like a cigarette
    Break it break it, stripped down naked
    Tied up in a trunk on the way to Las Vegas (yeah)
    Chokin chokin, you need to stop smokin
    Motherfuck on that! Blaze a sack!
    Rollin rollin, foldin bank
    My first show was in the motherfuckin holdin tank, c'mon