Double Dare Ya Lyrics by Bikini Kill

Double Dare Ya Lyrics

    We're bikini kill and we want revolution
    Girl-style now!!!

    Hey girlfriend
    I got a proposition
    Goes something like this:
    Dare ya to
    Do what you want
    Dare ya to
    Be who you will
    Dare ya to
    Cry right outloud
    "you get so emotional baby"

    Double dare ya, double dare ya, double dare ya
    Girl fuckin friend
    I double dare ya
    I triple dare ya
    Double triple fuckin
    Dipple fuckin dare ya

    Don't you talk out of line
    Don't go speaking out of your turn
    Gotta listen to what the man says
    Time to make his stomach burn
    Burn, burn, burn, burn
    (double dare ya)
    You're a big girl now
    You've got no reason
    Not to fight
    You've got to know
    What they are
    Fore you can stand up
    For your rights
    Rights, rights, rights?
    You have them, you know.