Dont Hesitate Lyrics by Squad Five-O

Dont Hesitate Lyrics

    Lyrics by Jeff Fortson

    Don't act so uptight
    Don't shoot me down
    My patience is running out
    I need you here beside me
    I need your kiss
    Don't leave me here like this

    Make up your mind
    Sometimes you act so bored
    Like you don't care anymore, at all

    So, hey don't hesitate
    Don't keep me waiting
    Don't play your games
    Yeah, don't hesitate
    Time waits for no one

    When you hear me knockin'
    Outside your door
    Don't act surprised
    You know what I came here for
    I need to feel you tightly
    Wrapped 'round my bones
    Flesh to my flesh, soul to my soul

    So open the door, you're so uptight
    And time waits for no one

    Turn me on, don't turn me down