Devils Child Lyrics by Judas Priest

Devils Child Lyrics

    Hypnotize me
    Mesmerize me
    Feel my willpower slip.
    Light my fire
    With cold desire
    Losing all my grip.

    Eat my diamonds
    Drinkin' all my gin
    Feast your eyes on
    A whole lotta sin.

    On no you're so damned wicked
    You got me by the throat
    Oh no got your claws stuck in my
    You never let me go
    I believe you're the devil
    I believe you're the devil's child.

    Took my dreams
    And now it seems you're nothing but a liar
    Smash and grab at all I had
    Build my funeral pyre.
    Stop pretendin'
    Got me growin' old
    Your tormentin's
    Fit to snap my soul.

    You took my heart
    And left it blown to smithereens.
    I gave my body as a slave
    You cut my flesh
    And drank my blood that poured in streams
    I'm left here broken and ashamed.

    Goin' under
    Hear the thunder
    Death defying grace.
    Your condition breeds ammunition
    Shoots me in the face.
    Vivious talkin'
    Stabs me like a knife
    Scratched and bruised, so abused
    I'm a human sacrifice.