Dancing The Collapse Lyrics by Lagwagon

Dancing The Collapse Lyrics

    Already here now, already done Combine and collapse. Dancing with none White is for "so dumb" Blue is for "numb" Yellow the streaks on their backs. They all step in line I'm just a rug... Under the foot prints of strangers All I need, all I know This one's for Jimmy and two more for me It's something you sell to your self It absolves you of your role Accidental... Pardoned the repeat offenders toll They missed the last week's wake It's cold Find yourself here now. Dance the collapse Those aging children, they all know the steps I'm just a bug Under the rug Under the reap Absent Under the gray Under the grief Absent Under the myth Under the meek Absent Under courage Under caring Absent Understudy Understudy Absent Understudy Understudy Absent