Chalk Dust Torture Lyrics by Phish

Chalk Dust Torture Lyrics

    Come stumble my mirth beaten worker
    I'm jezmund the family berzerker
    I'm bought for the price of a flagon of rice
    The wind buffs the cabin
    You speak of your life
    Or more willingly locust the lurker

    Confuse what you can of the ending
    And revise your despise so impending
    'cause i soak on the wrath
    That you didn't quite mask
    I'm getting it clearly through alternate paths
    Or mixed in with the signal you're sending

    But who can unlearn all the facts that i've learned
    As i sat in their chairs and my synapses burned
    And the torture of chalk dust collects on my tongue
    Thoughts follow my vision and dance in the sun
    All my vasoconstrictors they come slowly undone
    Can't i live while i'm young?

    But no peace for jezmund tonight
    I plug the distress tube up tight
    And watch what i say as it flutters away
    And all this emotion is kept harmless at bay
    Not to educate somebody's fright