Camouflage Lyrics by Stan Ridgway

Camouflage Lyrics

    I was a p.f.c. on a search patrol, huntin' charlie down
    It was in the jungle wars of '65
    My weapon jammed and i got stuck way out and all alone
    And i could hear the enemy movin' in close outside
    Just then i heard a twig snap and i grabbed my empty gun
    And i dug in scared while i counted down my fate
    And then a big marine¨c¨ca giant, with a pair of friendly eyes¨c¨c
    Appeared there at my shoulder and said "wait."

    When he came in close beside me, he said "don't worry, son, i'm here¨c¨c
    If charlie wants to tangle now, he'll have two to dodge"
    I said, "well, thanks a lot!" i told him my name and asked him his
    And he said "the boys just call me camouflage"

    Woah-oh-oh-oh, camouflage
    Things are never quite the way they seem
    Woah-oh-oh-oh, camouflage
    I was awfully glad to see this big marine

    Well, i was gonna ask him where he came from, when we heard the bullets fly
    Comin' through the brush, and all around our ears
    It was then i saw this big marine light a fire in his eye
    And it was strange, but suddenly, i forgot my fears

    Well, we fought all night, side by side, we took our battle stance
    And i wondered how the bullets missed this man
    'cause they seemed to go right through him¨c¨cjust as if he wasn't there
    And in the mornin' we both took a chance and ran
    And it was near the riverbank when the ambush came on top of us
    And i thought it was the end, and we were had
    Then a bullet with my name on it came buzzin' through a bush
    And that big marine, he just swat it with his hand
    Just like it was a fly...

    Woah-oh-oh-oh, camouflage
    Things are never quite the way they seem
    Woah-oh-oh-oh, camouflage
    This was an awfully strange (big) marine

    And i knew there was somethin' weird about him,
    'cause when i turned around,
    He was pullin' a big palm tree up outta the ground
    And swattin' those charlies with it from here to kingdom come

    When he led me outta danger i saw my camp and waved goodbye
    He just winked at me from the jungle and then was gone
    When i got back to my h.q., i told 'em about my night
    And the battle i'd spent with a big marine named camouflage
    When i said his name, the soldier gulped, and a medic took my arm
    And led me to a green tent on the right
    He said "you may be tellin' true, boy, but this here is camouflage
    And he's been right here since he passed away last night
    In fact, he's been here all week long...
    But before he went, he said semper fi, and said his only wish
    Was to save a young marine caught in a barrage
    So here, take his dog tag, son, i know he'd want you to have it now"
    And we both said a prayer for a big marine named camouflage

    Chorus repeat

    So next time you're in a jungle fight, and you feel a presence near
    Or hear a voice that in your mind will lodge
    Just be thankful that you're not alone¨c¨cyou've got some company
    From a big marine the boys call camouflage

    Chorus repeat x2

    Hup, hey-ho, hey, left... left...
    Woah, woah, camouflage
    Hey, hey-ho, ho, left... left...
    Woah, woah, camouflage
    Repeat endlessly until fade...