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Brand New Lyrics

    Let me start off by first apologizing...
    Girl you think I take you for granted...
    But I'm...
    I'm here to take it back...

    Can we
    Pull back a minute and make believe
    I don't know you and you don't know me
    Darling let's pretend
    This old school love is brand new
    Can we
    Explore the places I've already been
    Tell me where and I'll kiss it again
    Darling let's pretend
    This old school love is brand new

    I know I shouldn't have to ask
    But it seems that I've relaxed
    And I'm getting the feelings that
    It's time I take it back
    Remembering late night escapes
    In the car callin out my name
    You being scared when your friend was late
    Then being cool when it finally came
    Those were the days...


    Way back when hickies were the thing
    You wore bloomers, not that sexy g-string
    And gettin blue balls was a daily thing
    But it was alright, with me
    To when that very first time went down
    How you moaned when I went down
    You were the one
    I had no doubt
    We need to get that back right now
    Cause those were the days...


    We're still here (yah)
    Cause we conquered every feeling (every feeling)
    The fire burns inside like yester year
    My baby since back in the day
    We knew it would be us
    Holding on to that first crush
    Got to say today, is what it was
    So lets keep on sending, it's only beginning

    [(chorus) Repeat 2x]

    Like Cadillacs and hubcaps
    Like leavin letters in your nap sack
    like Jellies and pro cast
    Back to girl...
    When we first met
    To when I got the glove on
    To when our love was so strong
    To the days I know you miss
    I'll get back , I promise this
    Take it back...