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pre>g c g
Creek was running by the road
And the buckeye sun was a-shinin'
G c g
I rode my bike down alum creek drive
Em am
When i was a boy in ohio

G c g
The english teacher he didn't care
He challenged us to checkers
Bb dm d7
And once in a while we'd swap a joke
When i was a boy in ohio

Once i was caught playing hooky from school
They found me home in the evening
I confessed i had been to the movie show
When i was a boy in ohio

We would wait for the summer to come
For swimmin' and pickin' berries
But now a freeway covers the field
Where i used to be so happy

I remember the burger boy
Where the girls would shine like the engines
And the radio was always loud
When i was a boy in ohio

Spanish teacher she tried to help
She was much too pretty
So i just stared at the back of her legs
When i was a boy in ohio

It was 3.2 beer* at the honky tonk bar
Where they said the girls were easy
But somehow i never found me one
When i was a boy in ohio

Soon i was grown and i had to leave
And i've been all over the country
But i don't believe i've had more fun
Than when i was a boy in ohio


Boy In Ohio by Phil Ochs

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Boy In Ohio Lyrics by Phil Ochs