Bled White Lyrics by Elliott Smith

Bled White Lyrics

    I'm a color reporter
    But the city's been bled white
    And the doctor orders drinks all night to take away this curse
    But it makes me feel much worse
    Bled white
    So i wait for the f-train
    And connect through a friend of mine
    To a yesterdaydream
    'cos i'll have to be high to drag the sunset down
    And paint this paling town
    Bled white
    So here he comes with the blank expression
    Especially for me 'cos he knows i feel the same
    'cos happy and sad come in quick succession
    I'm never going to become what you became
    Don't you dare disturb me
    While i'm balancing my past
    'cos you can't help or hurt me
    Like it already has
    I may not seem quite right
    But i'm not fucked, no quite
    Bled white
    Bled white