Baby Come To Me Lyrics by Kevon Edmonds

Baby Come To Me Lyrics

    It's hard to conceive
    Or to trust and believe
    That you can find true love again
    Someone who'll understand
    Cause he hurt you and left you
    Broke your heart in two
    Now i'm here to rescue you
    Make all your dreams come true

    1 - baby, come to me
    Let me be your everything
    I'll be the only man you need
    If you just believe in me
    And baby you'll never wonder why
    My love will stand the test of time
    And you'll never have to look for love again

    Looking in your eyes
    I begin to fantasize
    My very own angel sent for me
    Just to set this poor heart free
    Now i'm lonely no longer
    Feeling so complete
    Now i got to make you realize
    That my love will never die, oh baby

    Repeat 1

    Girl if you come to me
    We'll hear the angels sing
    Open your heart to me
    We'll have the perfect love
    Girl when you come to me
    I will, i will now and for always
    Supply your needs
    From here to eternity

    Repeat 1

    Da-da-da, ooh
    Baby come to me my love