Assistants Cry Lyrics by Yello

Assistants Cry Lyrics

    From time to time they cry
    Only if you know why
    Here they go

    A hundred thousand people
    Walking down the streets
    Trying to protect their dream
    Following their feet
    They're busy, lost
    Can't find anyone
    They're looking for a disguise
    And the stars could come
    No more!
    No tears
    Just cries, and fears
    I don't believe it
    Look at them
    I really can't believe it
    Look at them
    They're fucking crazy
    Hey! just... ha ha ha ha!
    I can't believe it
    Look at them
    All right, all right
    All right folks
    This was today's show time
    And now go home!
    See you tomorrow
    Same time, same place
    Take care