Always Something Lyrics by AVID

Always Something Lyrics

    "Always Something" Neriah/ Avid

    a lot of things I've never seen
    are now in every magazine
    so many things I've never known
    on all the latest t.v. shows

    anything that's too extreme
    you'll find it on the movie screen
    and everything that's overblown
    on all the greatest videos

    what a nice surprise
    when you realize
    you've been "hip"-notized

    the latest craze is underway
    you may find it strange- that's why I say

    hey-it's always something
    yeah- never nothing
    I'll tell you one thing
    It's always something

    now I know I'll never know
    until it's on the Springer Show
    I think it's catching up to me
    I'm naked on a d.v.d.?

    what a nice surprise
    then you realize
    you've been advertised

    the latest phase is underway
    you might find it strange- that's what I say

    hey- it's always something
    yeah- better than nothing?
    I'll tell you one thing
    there's always something