All We Have Lyrics by Squad Five-O

All We Have Lyrics

    Lyrics by Dave Petersen

    The years still grinning back at you
    In the neon lights and the spent cash you
    Get some and then it's gone
    Easy times, hard times all pile on
    Good times through it all
    A picture of our crew on a wall
    I see you slipping and you think it's me
    There's something preying on us that we just can't see

    We might be all we have someday
    So treat everyone you love that way
    And if you really care why don't you act that way
    Cuz snakes make and venom friends they fall away
    And they don't come back one day
    When the poison's too strong to let them say
    Please forgive me, you're my friend always

    Look into my eyes, you know me
    Don't believe some lies and disown me
    We've been through the sweat and weather
    Broken down and broke together
    Telling jokes in parking lots
    Fighting over who's gonna call the shots
    Mixing up our blood and spit
    Turned into soul and fire spirit

    We're here in color
    The world's so blue, the ocean and the sky
    And I wanna die when it's darker
    Overwhelmed, I close my eyes
    But arms reach out
    It's my last hope when they do
    And I try to grab a hold
    Where are you, where are you?