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All Of Us Lyrics - Hardcore Vol 2

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I left home with a friend of mine
Gone two years and i don't know why
Now i'm happy all the time
I can't think and i'm feelin' fine
I got feelings but they don't show
Don't ask me cause i don't know
No no no no no
All of u
Think you've heard this all before
Now your're gonna hear some more
I know a place where dreams are crushed
Hopes are smashed but that ain't much
All you stupids anyway
We're all gonna die some day
Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah
All of us
Me leave home with booji boy
Teeth fall out of china doll
Poo poo man got jiffy-snipped
Bad girl lauching - floppy tits
Listen listen me no lie
We like stuff what makes us cry
Why why why why!!!!?
All of us

All Of Us by Devo

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All Of Us Lyrics by Devo