Street Wars Lyrics by Cypress Hill

 Street Wars Lyrics

    {*church bells gong*}

    [Verse One: B-Real]
    As a kid, I was known, son of a thug
    Snub-nosed .38 in the glove, who can relate with us?
    Never had an easy life, shit's way out
    Clips spray out, fools pay out or play out
    Any scenario, been there, done that
    Gone where some of y'all niggaz, couldn't come back
    Been through the hottest parts of hell
    Came back with a hard shell and, hard as nails
    I went through it all, do it all, screw it all
    Small you recall, the hard times as a juve-nile
    Often misunderstood
    Some joined the military, others just joined the hood
    Street corner combat, part of the dark streets
    Your heart beats pump when my slugs release
    And there ain't no tellin, don't be the one yellin
    These birds are deadly, they can shatter your melon

    [Chorus 2X: B-Real]
    When the street wars jump off, there's only one thing to do
    Grab your gat and squeeze one off
    This ain't the life of the soft ones who run off
    You got one shot to get you a knot

    [Verse Two: B-Real]
    At the crossroads, sick of holdin the badlands
    Where street wars, kick off quicker than Van Dam
    Mistakes of mad man, I remember the old ways
    The old days where fools clap you at close range
    No quarter, you feel me?
    Life expectancy's just a little bit shorter
    G's gave the order, you carried 'em out
    Quick fast, you the last nigga I'm worried about
    Get that street lead, that was one step over the edge
    Much closer to death, every step I kept on
    Learnin about the dark paths, made a hard left
    Prayed to God death is swift and painless
    This life ain't for everyone, stay out my shoes
    You can't trade your fate, I hate to break the news
    The young won't respect the fences these days
    You a marked man if you get caught up in these ways


    {*pause for spooky instrumental*}