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You Fool No One Lyrics - Made In Europe

You fool no one, waiting to see if i'm gone.
So hard to see you are taking your chances with me.
If i find you with some other man
You know what i'm gonna do.
Better run if you see me comin', ah.

Soon you will fall, making mistakes like before.
When you tell me lies i can see by the look in your eyes.
If you think you're gonna take me for granted,
Chasin' round with all you see,
Gonna make you live to regret it, ah.

You fool no one, waiting to see if i'm gone.
So clear to see you've had all your chances with me.
You thought that you could take me for granted
But i couldn't take it no more.
Better run when you see me comin, ah.

- ritchie blackmore, david coverdale, jon lord & ian paice

You Fool No One by Deep Purple

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You Fool No One Lyrics by Deep Purple