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Duet with george michael
Music by elton john
Lyrics by bernie taupin
Available on the album ice on fire

There are ladies, illegal x's
Mona lisa's, well connected
They may be shady, english roses
Blue blooded, turned up noses

Money talks, see what it catches
Postage paid, no strings attached
She's a honey, she's a tramp
Roaring twenties, molls and vamps

Wrap her up, i'll take her home with me
Wrap her up, she is all i need
Wrap her up, i only get one chance
Beasts and beauties, but they all can dance

Wrap her up, i'll taker her home with me
Wrap her up, she is all i need
Wrap her up
Give her to me, wrap her up

Is she foreign, legs eleven
Italian girls, take me to heaven
You pretty babies, from paris, france
Crazy horses, love to dance

Wrap Her Up by Elton John

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Wrap Her Up Lyrics by Elton John