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Wishyouawish Lyrics - Butterfly

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(clarke / hicks / nash)
Singing, singing in the sunshine
The countryside's mine.
If i keep on singing, you'll follow behind.

Tripping, tripping down the highway,
No cares in my mind.
As long as i'm going, they'll follow behind.

I got no cares in my mind,
Got no place to go,
But still i don't mind
'cos it's nice.

Picking, picking up the daisies,
I'm making a chain.
If anybody breaks it, we'll start it again.


Gazing, gazing down into the water.
I'm diggin' the fish.
I'll throw in a penny to wish you a wish.

Verse 1 (wish you a wish ...)

Wishyouawish by Hollies

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Wishyouawish Lyrics by Hollies