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Winter hostel Maxi Lyrics - Hex Enduction Hour

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Entrances uncovered
Street signs you never saw
All entrances delivered
Courtesy winter

You got manny in the library
Working off his hangover 3:30
You get the spleen at 3:15
But it's 3:13

The mad kid walked left-side south-side towards me
He was about 7
His mother was a cleaning lady
She had a large black dog
And the mad kid said:
"gimme the lead
Gimme the lead
Gimme the lead"
I'd just walked past the alcoholics' dry-out house
The lawn was littered with cans of barbican
There was a feminist's austin maxi parked outside
With anti-nicotine anti-nuclear stickers on the side
...on the inside and they didn't even smoke...

Anyway two weeks before the mad kid had said to me
"i'll take both of you on,
I'll take both of you on"
Then he seemed the young one
He had a parka on and a black cardboard archbishop's hat
With a green-fuzz skull and crossbones
He'd just got back from the backward kids' party
Anyway then he seemed the young one
But now he looked like the victim of a pogrom

Entrances uncovered
Street signs you never saw
All entrances delivered
Courtesy winter

Entrances uncovered
All enquiries too
All entrances delivered
Courtesy winter

Winter #2

On the first floor of the dryout house
Was a replica dartboard
And the man on the floor
Sorta went out of window, over the lawn
And round to the mad kid
"please take this medallion,
Please wear this medallion.
It's no sign of authority.
Wear the gold and put it on"

Courtesy winter

So [around the] mad kid
Man on the first floor said
"i just looked round
I just looked round
I just looked round
"and my youth it was sold"

Two white doves cross the sky
There fly krakens
And sometimes, that little.....
Makes me tremble
Courtesy winter

The mad kid had 4 lights, the average is 2.5 lights
The mediocre has 2 lights, the sign of genius is three lights
There's one light left, that's the one light
That's the science law

Courtesy winter

Winter hostel Maxi by Fall, The

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Winter hostel Maxi Lyrics by Fall, The