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Who's Selling (Skit) Lyrics - Thug Holiday

(Door creaks)

Hey what dat is? You, hey you hear dat shit?

Damn dog. I know it aint what I think it is.

Hey man, hey hey, you sellin' Trick Daddy CD?

Yes, no no no.

So what the hell is that?

Thats a..a..marengae.

That mother fucker lyin' man.

Oh Marengae? So no Trick Daddy?


You like Trick Daddy?


But you not sell any Trick Daddy?


OK, good good, my friend.

The nigga lyin' man, he lyin'.

(Door closes)

Fuck Trick Daddy, I needed my money.

Who's Selling (Skit) by Trick Daddy

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Who's Selling (Skit) Lyrics by Trick Daddy