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Whiskey Lyrics - Teri Yakimoto

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Do you know what i want
No i don't think you know what i want yea
Gotta think of me
When i think about us i think about everything

Give it back your out of time
I've got a reason what was my crime
I'm not a puppet
Don't pull my string
I start thinkin then i'm drinkin
Gotta get away from everything yea

No not tonight...

Here we go again
You haven't got a clue you never comprehend yea
Playing games with my head
I think about me i think about na na nothing

Now you know
I'm sick of you and i really ain't got nothing else to do yea
Have a drink with my friends
Now i see your face and i couldn't give a damn

Whiskey by Guttermouth

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Whiskey Lyrics by Guttermouth