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Where Da Bud At Lyrics - Vol. 1-underground (explicit)

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where is da bud (8x)

Koopsta knicca he lookin for da bud
Gangsta boo she lookin for da bud
Juicy j he lookin for da bud
D.j. paul he lookinn for the bud
Lord informous he lookin for da bud
My nigga cruncy blac he lokin for the bud

(gangsta boo)

I'm lookin for dat bud so a nigga can get high.
I'm smoking dat calli ghetty green dat shit is da fie.(fire)
A nigga dat's stout azz hell and stay smokin on dat green.
I fuck wit dat bud bitch if you no just what i mean.
Straight from dat black haven area in dat memphis thang.
I roll wit dem killas and dat's da realiest of dat mane.
A trigga nigga bitch chiefin weed like a heata hoe.
I had so much goody until bitch i just don't want no mo.(more)
Flickin through black haven sittin back ridin on dubs.
But don't come round me unless you lookin for da bud

(chorus)where is da bud, where is da bud,where is da bud, where is da bud ,
Where is da bud, where da bud, where is da bud,where is da bud.

(lord informous)

I'm smokin dat good shit.
That will make me take yo bitch.
Make her wanna give up her clit.
And take a puff of dat shit.
Fuck dis fuck dat.
Bitch get cho azz back.
Or knock off some of dat fat.
Where da bud at. (bitch)

(chrous) unti fade

Where Da Bud At by Three 6 Mafia

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Where Da Bud At Lyrics by Three 6 Mafia