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What You Do To Me Lyrics - Samantha Cole

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Nile rogers, samantha cole, tom boyd, victor taylor

Oh let me tell you
Just what's on my mind
I dream abouit you all the time
I just wanna give you anything i can
Let me show you everything i am

Why is it so hard to get through to you
Just what i feel when you walk in the room?

What you do to me
I can't believe
What i'm feeling when
When you look at me
What you do to me
Oh i can't conceive
Just what i'd do when you do
What you do to me

Used to getting anything i want
S why am i letting you get to my heart
I never thought that my mind would fantasize
That i'd reveal what i feel inside

What You Do To Me by Samantha Cole

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What You Do To Me Lyrics by Samantha Cole