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We Hate Everyone Lyrics - Bloody Kisses

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Right wing commies
Leftist Nazis
Point their fingers
Rumours linger

We don't care what you thin

Branded sexist
Labelled racist
Want it clearer ?
Check the mirror

We don't care what you think

Lies and slander in vain try to shame us
Riots, protests, violence just makes us famous
TV interviews, free publicity
Increase record sales dramatically

The left they say I'm a facist
The right calling me communist
Hate hate hate hatred for all - one and all
No matter what you believe
Don't believe in you - and that's true

Some would say that we're biased
Accusations that we are racist
Well, shit comes in all hues
Now this means you
Cause things ain't always like they seem

We hate everyone

We don't care what you think

We Hate Everyone by Type O Negative

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We Hate Everyone Lyrics by Type O Negative