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Is it the way you're speakin'
Is it because I'm peakin'
Twistin' your face, thumb in hand,
but you
Gotta have your own space to play in
A collection of glass chickens
Oh Vernie, what a garden you have

Maybe it's the snuff under your lip
Or maybe caramel cake covered Christmas
Oh a flower you are to my land, but I
No I cannot deny the beauty
If I had a heart I would want it
to be like Vernie's
Oh what a heart that she has

Roaming through the cupboard jar of
pickles never -
Opened since nineteen eighty three
Peanuts in a pile and Elvis down
the aisle -
Singing gallantly

I wish I could be
I wish I could be
I wish I could be
I wish I could be
I wish I could be
A little more like Vernie

Oh, I wanna be
I wanna be a little more like Vernie

Vernie by Blind Melon

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Vernie Lyrics by Blind Melon