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Unknown World Lyrics - Action Is Go

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A million years ago!
I headed down the road
A million years ago!
I headed down
Drivin for the south
Nowhere down
I got the news
I figured it out
A secret search
When at last
A shrunked mooose
We could use
Since we found
Said no big deal
Next time we leave
Watchin them go


Five months still..now our turnjust like before
It broke in two....straight to earth
Or so we thought
The so-line read...like it shouldof course we knew
We left a trail....there was no sign
They went through.....

(break it down for me brant)

Green lights were beginning to fade (fade)
Chevelle runnin' were on our way (on our way)
Straight at us from either side
Looks like we'll run it one more time!


Unknown World by Fu Manchu

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Unknown World Lyrics by Fu Manchu