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Umbrella Lyrics - Bottlefly

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She's got a gold painted soul
With a ticket to roll
She's like a ball of an uncontrollable fire
She's in a dream magazine
Like a jupiter queen
If you don't know you can call me a liar
Tooty fruity living with a loony
Like a chimpanzee on a wire
2 by 2 i try to follow you
But you wont keep this rhythm in time

She's got me going now she's my
She's my umbrella, my umbrella today my umbrella
Now she's my, she's my umbrella today

I've got a head full of coffee
As i'm crashing along i've got the bitch in the back of the van
Well shes a head strong
King kong always smoking cheech and chong
I love her juvenile scam
Ruby tuesdays always on a friday
Theres a full moon coming tonight
Hold the clock
Cause shes a beautiful fox
But she wont keep this rhythm in time


Umbrella by Bottlefly

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Umbrella Lyrics by Bottlefly