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Toads Of The Short Forest Lyrics - Weasels Ripped My Flesh

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Frank zappa (lead guitar)
Ian underwood (alto saxophone)
Bunk gardner (tenor saxophone)
Motorhead sherwood (baritone saxophone, snorks)
Buzz gardner (trumpet, flugel horn)
Roy estrada (bass)
Jimmy carl black (drums)
Arthur tripp (drums)
Don preston (piano, organ, electronic effects)
Don "sugar cane" harris (electric violin)
Lowell george (rhythm guitar, vocals)

At this very moment on stage
We have drummer a playing in 7/8,
Drummer b playing in 3/4,
The bass playing in 3/4,
The organ playing in 5/8,
The tambourine playing in 3/4,
And the alto-sax blowing his notes.

Hands up!

Thank you!

Toads Of The Short Forest by Frank Zappa

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Toads Of The Short Forest Lyrics by Frank Zappa