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I think I'll go down by the river
Gonna sit out and try to rest my mind
All the things I've been trying to face
Gonna leave them all behind

Watching the boats go by
oh, and may even cry
But I'll be free, if it's only for a little while
I'll be free

I can't live, I say I can't live life-memory
Yesterday, yesterday is dead and gone
Tomorrow, tomorrow may not even see the dawn

If I had the wings of a bird above
I'll fly somewhere way up in the sky
Just to be free, if it's only for a little while
I'll be free

Rumbling, rumbling through my soul
Searching for my mind
Looking for a reason for living
I'm so tired of dying

Looking back over my life
Tring to remember where I've been
Thinking about the rivers are yet to cross
And wondering where I'm going

If only I could make the whole world see
Just what it would really really mean to me
To be free, if it's only for a little while
To be free
To be free
To be free...

To be free by Fontella Bass

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To be free Lyrics by Fontella Bass