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Tiger Lilly Lyrics - Matchbook Romance

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We drive tonight and you are by my side we're talking about our lives like we've known each other forever the time flies by with the sound of your voice its close to paradise with the end surely near and if I could only stop the car and hold onto you and never let go I'll never let go as we round the corner to your house you turned to me and said "I'll be going through withdrawl of you for this one night we have spent" and I want to speak these words but I guess I'll just bite my tongue and except someday, somehow as the words that we'll hang from And I, I don't want to speak these words cause I, I don't want to make things any worse Why does tonight have to end Why don't we hit restart and pause it at our favorite parts we'll skip the goodbyes If I had it my way I'l turn the car around and run away just you and I

Tiger Lilly by Matchbook Romance

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Tiger Lilly Lyrics by Matchbook Romance