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This Life Lyrics - Return Of Crystal Karma

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Oh father, it's me your friend
I feel so good inside, i'm on the mend
I broke this fever, it's a cryin' shame
We live and die, and then we live again!

This life is beautiful
This life is magical
This life is built on trust
And i just want 2 get on the bus

Why do i have 2 work so hard?

I've been livin' for this life
Livin' for this life

Oh mother, thank u for my life
You've always been right there by my side
Just like the footprints in the sand
You make me see, u make me understand

Thank u for the morning sun
The crystal lake, another dawn
The mountain high, the valley low
The river wide, the falling snow
The happiness u gave 2 me
The love u give so endlessly
And u will live inside of me
Now i'm the proudest son u see!

This Life by Glenn Hughes

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This Life Lyrics by Glenn Hughes