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This Is Personal Lyrics - Enquiring Minds

[project pat]
1 - walked up to your house
Knocked on your door and blast
Kickin' down your fuckin' shit
Then snatchin' up the mass
This is personal bitch
So we gon' leave the cash
"what you niggas want with me?"
To torture your ass

Repeat 1

[gangsta boo]
The blazin' sun refers to us as the sun is blindin' me
Besides infrared wine, hypnotize minds right behind
Packin' plenty heat for you niggas wit some beef
Beef is what i ? to be
Keep your mom up off the streets
Never said you were my friend
Fuck this rap, i'll get revenge
Stick a knife up in your stomach
Pull it out and stick it in again
Ghetto kings and queens if you wit me, let me know
Pull up off your fuckin' blunt, hit another line of blow
Badder than a school of kids, they just want to fuckin' see
Clicked up with the triple 6, you don't know who you're fuckin' wit
Not to play for cheap
Got you ? to jb
And some gas wit your ??? live as you could be
Talkin' shit about miss lady cuz you think that you the shit
Beat you with a fuckin' bat, dump your body in a ditch
Guess you know who you are, keep a watch out on your car
If you open up a door or bump, i'll blow your ass to mars

Repeat 1
Repeat 1

[project pat]
Nicky nack, patty wack, slap a chick in the back
With the yak, ? paper red, just another black dead
Was it dope? nah
Love? was they weak and soft?
Honey says weed got a nigga sayin' fuck a job
Kill and rob
Gettin' up on some dope
The mentality of the black male
If he dies, that's a casuality
It gon' be even worser times in the time to come
Bigger blunts to blaze, so you best pack a bigger gun
Give me some, give me some, drop it off you selfish bitch
Motto of a killer when he's out here tryin' to take your shit
Project spit nothin' but the real, so my niggas kill
Where i'm comin' from, south side out the ghetto slums
With them guns always stayin' cocked
Where them killers hang
Playas slangin' rocks
??? where your niggas bang
When you sing like canaries do
Then you feel my niner slugs comin' right through your door
If you can dig

Repeat 1
Repeat 1

This Is Personal by Gangsta Boo

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This Is Personal Lyrics by Gangsta Boo