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Theres A Face Lyrics - Eve 6

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there's a face

Written by max collins

There's a face i know to well
I see it every time i look in the mirror
No i don't kiss and tell
I'll tell you after i betrayed you
Supersonic boy sweating sin
The pillar that i'm melting on will prove you wrong
Keep your lips sealed this just in
You're speeding up the ticker of a walking time bomb

Time's up stand up and face the muzac
Smile wide step outside

Click your sticks and cast a spell that'll suck my survival like water from a
I try to do what's right what's right ain't right enough for you tonight
I see you're displeased a middle finger response
I'll try to appease
I'm sorry don't be mad
But ask me what i'm sorry for and i won't have an answer

Look me in the eye and let 'em flow again
Lies on the rocks with a twist of desperation

Theres A Face by Eve 6

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Theres A Face Lyrics by Eve 6