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The awakening Lyrics - Summer of Darkness

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Fall into the flood of your awakening
Drown, you're just a trace of what I used to be

Waging the battle for appreciation you'll never win
Behold the army that will harken with open souls
A tiny voice of pester softer than the drop of a pen
And so naive in thinking you were
The source you told
I was composing the beginning before you had begun
Where did you sharpen such a tongue
For the sounds you spill
I want the honour for the favor that I've already won
Without the ignorant deduction
That you reveal

Give me the pain of somethign real
No empty notion, I want to see the pressure rising
Give in a way that I can feel
When you disgrace me I want to see your eyes burn


You wrote the words you couldn't
Stomach manifesting with breath
I read the thoughts you never
Questioned would show your face
If confrontation would show your face
Rear it's ugly head
I get the feeling you'd be wanting it all erased
This simple gossip id your only definition in life
And what a vacant purpose taking it to your grave
There is no threat of loss in
Hearing the slant you cry
Oh what a fool to think you fell
On the mass you grave


Awaken from the dellusion of validity
Awaken into the truth of how it used to be
Wake up



The awakening by Demon Hunter

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The awakening Lyrics by Demon Hunter